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Together with top-experts from different fields, we developed ready to use bots to train your workforce. We constantly develop new topics – here are our current bots:


Our leadership-bot helps you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses and to achieve a personal style of leadership. It also gives you an overview of the most important management instruments and their application. The acquired knowledge will be put into practice immediately.


Our sales-bot supports your sales-team to understand your customer’s needs and desires more sustainably. He enables your salesforce to generate more ideas to inspire the customer again and again and to exceed his expectations. Get your team a coach that drives revenue.

Conflict Resolution

This bot focusses on your individual, personal strategies in dealing with conflicts. In experience-oriented exercises, you deal with your inner strategies to learn how to stay connected without giving up your positions – even in challenging situations.

Mental Health

Mental health is key to successful teams as to individuals. This coach-bot helps you to live a healthy life, finding the right inner balance or supporting you in carrying out your daily exercises. It’s the perfect companion to change your routines to live a healthier life.

Agile Mindset

The agile-mindset bot helps to transfer the basics of agile methods and agile principles into everyday life. Psychological basics for the stimulation of the „agile mindset” mix with growth-stimulating challenges to support you in transforming your daily routines.

More bots coming your way very soon!

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