Your Digital Health Coach AI Health Assistant

The digital health coach for the workplace, that helps you achieve your health goals.

Conversational AI

We all know how to eat or move properly to stay healthy. We know our addictions and yet every New Year’s motivation disappears after a few days. In order to make a lasting change, there is often a lack of discipline or focus.

Your digital health coach will help you:

Set goals

Get to know yourself
(via tests and evalutations)

Helping to achieve your goals

Become more conscious

Dealing with Psychiatric patients ‘MA’

Describe what are your goals to the bot by speaking, and it will note them down.

Did you know?

Mental costs for the first time are higher this year than skeleton and muscular diseases.

The Team

The team of AI Coaching is specialized in the development of bots for various coaching topics. Experts from language psychology, computer linguistics, conversational writing, machine learning and data science come together to create solutions that make a difference in life.

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